One of the demands the development of cities in the global era is the ability to create a strong positioning for the people. Positioning in this context leads to the city branding with the ability to sell high value like the brand of a product or service. City branding is also a target for the development of Denpasar (, May 6, 2014). As cities in the area of international tourism destination, Denpasar long since worked out a strategy of packing the sale value of different cities with other tourist areas in the vicinity, such as Badung and Gianyar.

The issue of the identity of a brand is betting area. Characteristics of the city is certainly not enough predicated as the capital of the province, city or specific districts. This condition is not another competitive climate of a region that is no longer just want to reach the value of sales at the national level, but reach out to the international area. Determination of a partial city branding is not limited to the determination of a logo or a slogan, as it has been owned by the city of Denpasar which is “The Heart of Bali”, but rather the introduction and grounding slogan in diverse societies.

In this context, the main decision makers in Denpasar (Mayor and Council) recognizes that the city brand has a challenge because it contains strategies that run a variety of parties and involves many dimensions to reinforce the strong image of this town (Denpasar Post, August 15, 2015).

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